Thursday, 15 March 2012

Book launch excitement

I'm just back from ... my book launch in Dublin!

It was really great. I was a little nervous about it before hand because like most people, I don't always love being the centre of attention (you may or may not think this is compatible with writing a blog). But it was lovely. I was really touched at all the friends, family, neighbours and friends of family who made the effort to come out on a cold Tuesday night to raise a glass. Here's me in a showgirl pose beside the lovely display at Dubray Books in Blackrock:

And here I am signing a book. I felt like quite the rock star:

I have been coming to the bookshop in Blackrock since I was very small. It was where my dad used to take us, and I used to beg him to buy me a book, which he usually did (although I remember once being refused a Sweet Valley High book on the grounds that it was too trashy - fair ). To be back there again with my own book was very, very exciting. As I said to someone that evening, 'This is the fun part'. Now it's back to writing Book 2 ...


  1. Congrats, Ms D, both on the launch and, if I might say, on that fabulous dress!

  2. Thank you Charlotte. I do love that dress! :)

  3. Congratulations, Nicola! Sorry I didn't make it on Tuesday - the house move has taken over the past few weeks! Glad to see it went well. Orla x