Monday, 12 December 2011

Making a list, checking it twice

One of my favourite bits in Bridget Jones is when she writes her Christmas cards. She decides to have a little glass of something to help the festive spirit along ... and by the time she's finished, the bottle is empty and the messages have become more and more heartfelt and inappropriate (eg to her accountant: 'Dear, dear Robert, I have only met you twice, but I feel you are a special, beautiful person with so much warmth in your heart' - I'm paraphrasing because I can't find my copy).

I've never been in danger of this just because ... I've never sent Christmas cards.

Why not? Well, because it seems weird to send them to people I see all the time. And if I don't see people then perhaps there's not much point in sending them a card? They might feel they had to send one back and it would never end. Also, I never know anyone's address, and it's expensive ... And it's a commitment. If you send someone a card this year, then that's quite a big step. It might mean you have to remember to send them a card every year until the end of time or else they'll be upset.

And yet ... I like *getting* Christmas cards. And it seems a nice tradition to upkeep. So this year I realised that this dithering, commitmentphobic attitude has to end. I am sending Christmas cards, like a proper adult. I've bought some lovely cards. I might not send cards to absolutely everyone, but I'm going to send cards to people I don't see all the time but who are in my thoughts. And whose addresses I know. Now I just need to buy some stamps ...

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