Thursday, 12 January 2012

New Year's Resolutions

Hello again. Has everyone given up on their New Year's Resolutions yet? Or are you thin, non-smoking and fluent in Mandarin?

I haven't exactly given up on mine. I prefer to spend the first two weeks of January whittling my massive list down to the most important, realistic and manageable ones. Last year I made two:

1) Run a half marathon
2) spend at least a few weeks in the US

And I did them both! I think the reason I managed it was because they were positive rather than negative - things to do rather than things to avoid. This year's resolutions aren't as fun, but hopefully they will be manageable:

1) Eat at least my 5-a-day (unless pizza is a vegetable, I frequently fall down on this)
2) Have more fun/worry less
3) Make better use of my time

Worrying is an occupational hazard. This morning I was typing despairingly and looking at my book and thinking about all the things that were wrong with it. But the thing is: worrying does absolutely zero good at all - as this post points out.

So, to put my resolutions in action: I'm going to stop worrying about how my book is going to turn out, turn off the internet, and go back to my rewrite. Wish me luck ...


  1. I'm going to borrow one of your resolutions - have fun more/worry less. It's brilliantly simple!

  2. Thanks. It IS simple - easier said than done but a good thing to aim for!