Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Writing Wednesday: What to Wear?

Oops, I see I've already fallen off the blog-wagon. This is because I've been so busy writing! In the past ten days I've written, and edited, 22,000 words. In case you don't have a benchmark I'll tell you; that's a lot of words. Writing, blogging, social media; it's a lot for the modern author to juggle.

And if that isn't enough, according to Elle magazine she now has to do it in designer threads. The article above has been causing a lot of hilarity among writers on Twitter - comments have included, 'So that's where I've been going wrong', 'Pass me the PJs' and 'Things that silk blouses do not go well with: ink, chocolate, tea, coffee, more chocolate, revision tears…'

Most people on Twitter seem to be be wearing PJs to write in. Now, I pride myself on always getting dressed - not in a long-sleeved silk blouse but in tracksuit bottoms and a big jumper (both from Sweaty Betty, if you're interested). Today, though, I am wearing pyjamas, because I wanted to get up and finish my story right away. And I'm getting dressed now. And showering, and everything. Take that, Elle magazine!

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