Friday, 24 February 2012

My first ever radio interview!

This happened yesterday on LMFM - local radio in Louth and Meath. The Out of Office Girl was Easons Ashbourne 'Book of the Week' on their slot! Very very exciting.

I was very nervous before hand but once I got on the phone, it just seemed like a normal conversation. I was also relieved because we were expecting a delivery of a new mattress from John Lewis (I always seem to be blogging about these) and I was convinced that it would arrive just as I was on the phone. But it didn't. Whew!
You can listen to it here. By the way I have no idea what caused the ringing sound in the background - it wasn't at my end!

Thanks to LMFM for having me on - and to Easons Ashbourne for supporting the Book of the Week slot!


  1. Great interview! I haven't heard an Irish accent for ages :) So looking forward to your book! x

  2. Thanks! I have lived in the UK for so long (over 10 years - argh) I'm glad it's still detectable!